Rosie O’Donnell recently acknowledged that she and her partner, Kelli Carpenter, were having issues, but now she’s gone a step further in admitting that her spouse moved out two years ago.

Though the Irish-American comedian and former talk show host said she would no longer comment on the breakup rumors swirling around her relationship, she once again broke her silence, revealing on Sirius Satellite radio that her partner of five years moved out of their home years ago.

The confession came after a pet psychic read the mind of O’Donnell’s Chihuahua.

"Where did you get her from Rosie? Because she says she came from somewhere. And she said she’s happier with you,” psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick said of O’Donnell’s dog Misty.

“She's so spoiled and she loves to burrow."
The former “View” host answered, "She does! She burrows in the bed right next to me."

The psychic then asked who “sometimes looks after” the dog. O’Donnell explained that her four kids fight over caring for Misty, which she got three days after Carpenter left her.

"What happened [was] when Kelli moved out two years ago, I got the dog. Because I wanted another child or something to love. And I got the dog,” she said.

Last month the controversial comedian told USA Today: "We're a family, we remain a family... Kelli and I love each other very much, and we are working on our issues. Those are the only words I am ever going to say. Ever. And that is something that has been agreed upon by all parties."

Lesson learned, Rosie: stay away from pet psychics if you want to stick to your word keep your private life private!