Roseanne Barr, star of one of the greatest sitcoms of all time, Roseanne, made her first trip to Ireland last week to perform her stand-up routine, and it didn't take her long to brush up on current events over there. Specifically, she chided the Irish government for recently trying to take medical privileges away from citizens aged over 70. "How could they do such a terrible thing to the old people?" Barr told reporters in a press call to promote her show at a nightclub called POD. "It's just awful to treat the old like that." Her take no prisoners brand of comedy was an American staple in the eighties, but the portly comic has been working on broadening her approach. "I've worked on making the act international and I really hope the Irish audience likes it," she said. If the critics are anything to go by, they did. "It's as if, having stared into some sort of personal abyss, she's happy simply to be here. By the time the final curtain drops, the rest of us are glad she made the trip too," reported the Irish Independent.