Golf superstar Rory McIlroy’s palatial $13 million mansion in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, has been put on the market.

Reportedly the Down man has instead moved into South African golfer Ernie Els’ house up the road and so no longer has much use for it. If it sells for its asking price McIlroy will have made a healthy profit, having bought the place for only $9.5 million in 2013.

At the time he said he felt he needed a base in America because of the increasing number of tournaments he was playing in the US. 

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"I don't think there's anything  else in this area that's like this house. It's very modern, it's very contemporary, I just liked the whole feel of it when I walked in," he told PGA. 

"Walking through the door and you think, I actually can't believe I live in a place like this. Considering how I grew up, and how hard my Mum and Dad worked for me and how little we had in comparison to all this!" he added gestured at the towering ceiling. 

The eight year old  property contains six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a swimming pool, gym as well as  10,577 square feet of sprawling grounds. There’s also a mooring berth handy in case you want to park your yacht there.

Realtors think the property will be snapped up before too long thanks to its prime location.

“There are virtually no waterfront homesites available, especially in a location as desirable as this one. This home and surrounding property is amazing!” they explain on their website.

McIlroy took some time off from golfing in 2017 after marrying his American partner, Erica Stoll in a castle in Co Mayo. However next year he’s planning on stepping up his game a bit and has committed to playing in eight Masters tournaments.

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With a grueling work schedule like that, no wonder he doesn’t plan on spending so much time in Florida!