The Irish-born sobriety coach for Robin Williams has spoken about the deep inner trauma the actor suffered from.

Anthony Murray, from County Meath but based in San Francisco, ran the 'Dry Dock' in San Francisco which Williams attended to battle his addiction.

“I met Robin probably in 1982 in the Richmond district of San Francisco, where he was still doing stand-up comedy,” he told RTE Radio One's 'Today' program.

Williams began attending the Dry Dock in 2005 and the two became friends as well as motivators.

“I think what happened to Robin was that he stopped cold turkey and he did it on his own. I think he was dry for around 20 years.

“He started coming to the meetings around 2005. I think there was a big exposé story in the tabloids that he relapsed.

“He would share in the meetings about his difficulties, just like everyone else. The whole strategy is all about anonymity and humility.

“But it’s extremely difficult if you’re a celebrity because everybody’s looking for you for stuff.

“I made sure anyone who came in there and was well known that they weren’t harassed, that they were allowed space to get sober.”

Murray found the star to be shy.

“He was a very shy individual. He was a very lovable character and modest. He was sort of introverted.

“I always got the impression he was enduring all kinds of inner conflict, he was a man who might have been tortured in some respects.

“He struggled, I could see that. There was an enormous pressure. He was experiencing external pressure to be somebody.”

Murray appealed to people suffering from addiction to get help.