Up and coming new Irish heartthrob Robert Sheehan is contemplating a career switch if the increasing attention from fans gets too much - he may have to become a Tibetan monk to escape the hysteria, he joked this week.

The buzz surrounding his leading role in one of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters of the year has been off the charts - and a foretaste of what's really ahead of him.

With a leading role in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones the 25-year-old Irish star told the press he might have to flee to an island to escape all the new-found fame.

'I'm going to live as a Tibetan monk in a monastery somewhere,' he laughed. 'We're going to start an island somewhere.'

According to the Evening Herald Sheehan's new movie follows a teenage girl called Clary who goes on a life-changing quest after her mother is attacked and taken by a demon.

Meanwhile Sheehan says the cast of the film have been blown away by the mania surrounding it.

'We've experienced some of the hysteria first-hand. We went to a big mall appearance in Los Angeles recently and we were met by about 1,500 screaming, weeping fans.'

Sheehan plays Clary's friend Simon, who gets caught up in her battle between good and evil.

The Irish actor has already reportedly signed up for the second film of the franchise, City Of Ashes, which begins production in late September.