It seems that everybody is trying to make a quick buck from Pattinson these days. Whether it’s grabbing a quick snap of him as he goes out partying or whether it’s mocking him via your very own spooky drama ... of course.

The drama “Supernational”, now in their sixth year, are planning to introduce a character called Robert, Spoiler TV have reported.

They said “On Episode 6.06 we will see a character called "Robert" who is meant to be Robert Pattinson type and "Boris" a large and frightening Vampire," will be introduced.

“Supernatural” centers around Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles who play brothers. They travel around the country hunting demons and other supernatural element.

Ackles has in the past annoyed “Twilight” fans when he called Twihards “crazy” and said they had “no self respect."

By featuring elements on their own show there’s no doubt that some of the crazy Twihards will be tuning in. If Ackles hates “Twilight” so much it seems strange that he courting its fans.