Robert Pattinson is lobbying for the lead role in the gruesome music industry satire “Kill Your Friends”.

It seems the lusted after “Twilight” star is looking to play the role of record label A&R man Steven Stelfox.

Pattinson’s craved role would see him play a character, not unlike Patrick Bateman from “American Psycho”, sleeping with scores of prostitutes, taking copious amounts of drugs and getting away with horrific murders.

The book which is supposedly one of Pattinson’s favorites was written by former record label A&R man John Niven.
A source told the Sun that “Rob is a huge fan of the novel.

"He is fascinated by the music industry and is keen to get involved in the project.

"He's already approached producers telling them he wants to play the leading man.

"If he gets the role it would be the darkest part he's ever played.

"It's an incredibly adult character and is bound to shock the tweens who account for such a huge part of Rob's fan base."

Though the film is now gaining momentum and investors are looking at it Pattinson is going to have to lobby hard for his desired role. The author, John Niven, confessed that he does not know who Pattinson is.


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