Okay, the above headline is a spoof, but at least I admit it. Unlike those 'columnists' who have Robert Pattinson playing everyone from Kurt Cobain to James Bond.

Tabloid journalism will always deal with gossip rather than the full truth, but the best stories are always related in some way to reality.

The Kurt Cobain story was a complete flyer convincingly denied now by Universal and and sources close to Pattinson.

What is it about Robert Pattinson that makes such idiots out of even good gossip writers?

It is because he is the 'it' guy, certain to sell tabloids, not to mention send readers to web sites. He is a godsend for such publications that trade in tittle tattle exclusively.

But we all have been jumping the shark recently. The Kurt Cobain wild goose chase should be the last straw.

What next? Robert as Donald Trump -- hmm, not a bad idea, same kind of wild and fuzzy hair ... hmm let me get a headline working ... 'RPatz comes up Trump' ... quick, get me rewrite.