Does Robert Pattinson have a new love in his life?

British tabloids are reporting that the "Twilight" star has "been partying in London with a mystery redhead" and that his relationship with Kristen Stewart is on the rocks after she was seen with Sean Penn in Hollywood earlier this month. He is also planning to move back to England.

"Rob plans to ditch his Canadian pad," a mole told the Daily Mail. "In London he feels he can be normal.

"He’s been going to dinner parties and pubs with his mates, just like old times. He doesn’t want a Hollywood girlfriend and he hasn’t spoken about Kristen for a while so we think that’s off."

"He’s been spending time with a very pretty redhead.

"They hang out in the Macbeth pub in Hoxton and at the Notting Hill Arts Club. Rob wears a black woolly hat and a beard as a disguise. He got very agitated once when a fan recognized him and asked for a picture."