Are stories about Robert Pattinson playing action man hero James Bond put around to stop all the gay rumors about him?

Since he has stated that he is "allergic to vaginas"in his 'Details' interview Pattinson has been subject to a whispering campaign.

Old movie scenes like that in 'Little Ashes' in 2008 where his character was part of a gay encounter have been resurrected Some are even pointing to the oft repeated anecdote about his childhood that his sister dressed him as a girl.

Little wonder then that some Pattinson handlers want a big "He-Man" role next for Robert.

James Bond has been talked about as has the role of Spiderman. However, Pattinson himself has not indicated much interest in those roles.

My prediction? He seems safe and secure enough with himself to withstand any kind of whisperings. He will take whatever role he wants, not try and please the peanut gallery and their weird theories. Robert Pattinson will always remain a leading ladies man.