Robert Pattinson is hot favorite for worst actor award in the Razzies, the annual list of Hollywood's worst films and actors of the year.

The Razzies, short for 'Raspberries," are the one list that Hollywood hunks do not like to show up on.

This year, however, Pattinson looks like a shoo in according to Tom O'Neil, columnist at the Los Angeles Times.

Though the nominations will not be announced until February 1, Pattinson is favorite along with Will Ferrell.

"'Twilight: New Moon' needs to be nominated because it is overrated  and I can finally say Golden Raspberry Award nominee Robert Pattinson," says one critic quoted in the paper.

 Pattinson will not be alone. His co-star Kristen Stewart is also expected to be nominated as worst actress, and the favorite for worst female actress is said to be Megan Fox for her role in "Transformers."

Meanwhile Scottish actor Gerard Butler is expected to give Pattinson a run for worst actor because of his less than stellar performance in “Gamer," while Will Ferrell in “Land of the Lost” is also a hot tip this year.

On the female side, Sarah Jessica Parker is also a contender for her awful movie “Did You Hear About the Morgans,” and Miley Cyrus  might find herself nominated twice for worst actress and worst move in “Hannah Montana the Movie.”

Robert Pattinson playing Cullen in 'Twilight'