Set your clocks folks, March 1st has been announced as the face off between Robert Pattison and his late night scourge Jimmy Fallon.

If you haven't seen Fallon's 'Robert Pattinson is bothered'...skits then you likely live in the same tree that Fallon's fake vampire lives in.

So March 1 is the date that Pattinson will appear on the Irish American king of comedy's late night show --an event sure to set the blogosphere bleating like never before.

No one does Pattinson like Jimmy Fallon. He catches the look perfectly, dark, glowering and yet insanely funny because in the end Fallon is a natural mimic who gets Pattinson's appeal in a way few do.

The Pattinson role has been very important for Fallon, allowing him to break through the clutter of the late night TV talk fest and to position himsef as aiming at a younger, more edgy demographic.

For Pattinson too the comedy has helped, allowing him to to attain the status of a late night cult figure, someone Jimmy Fallon, likely the next king of comedy has focused on. The fact that Pattinson is focusing on his show in turn speaks volumes.These guys need each other.

March 1st, as he promotes 'Remember Me' Fallon and Pattinson come face to face. It is an encounter not to miss, a pre-St.Patrick's parade of top talent and quick wit. We will all be tuned in.