Robert Pattinson may be the hottest boy on the block this year but I have to say it, when he opens his mouth it's game over. By "it" I mean any opportunity he'll ever have to really impress us all with his sophistication and charm.
Instead, he mostly comes off like a narcissistic brat. I'm sorry girls, it's the truth. Take his highly publicized chat with Details mag this month. Apart from setting the internet on fire, it also made me wonder about him - and not in a good way.
“I really hate vaginas. I’m allergic to vaginas,” said the dreamboat, instantly dashing the hopes of a million teenage girls. Now, I admit it, some people thought this was just him being playful; Pattinson himself probably thought it was playful, but you know what? It's not.
To those who says he's edging out of the closet I say: no, he's obviously not, and it's actually homophobic to assume that all gay men hate women's bodies because they don't.
To those who say he's just being sarcastic I say, you know what, there are better ways to suggest you don't enjoy posing for pictures without insulting every woman on the set.
I'm just saying.