We understand that Robert Pattinson will definitely be on the the red carpet for the premiere of ‘Remember Me’ with costars Emilie de Ravin and Irishman Pierce Brosnan at the Paris Theater on 58th Street close to the Plaza Hotel next week.

It should be a great night out for the fans. The Paris is a beautiful old theater, surrounded on all sides by wonderful new York scenery, the Plaza, Central Park, Fifth Avenue etc.

Also included will be appearances on The Today Show, already recorded, The View. and Jon Stewart. Brosnan will likely appear on The View with his co-star.

While in New York he will also feature on the Jimmy Fallon show on NBC where he will no doubt have fun with the Irish American comedian about his Robert Pattinson spoof series.

It will be the one year anniversary of the Fallon show debuting and it is kind of telling that Pattinson is the person who will help him celebrate.Is there a bigger star on the planet right now?

"The View" and "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" will happen March 2nd.
Expect the ladies to fawn on The View but Stewart and RPatz should be fun.