Robert Pattinson says he was mortified by the rumors that were floating around about him and Megan Fox going on a “cheesy” date.

The “Twilight” heartthrob saw the stories in the tabloids that linked two of the hottest stars in Hollywood after they posed for photos together at the Teen Choice Awards in L.A. in August.

Pattinson reportedly took the Irish-American “Transformers” star on a date, though Fox later dismissed the reports, saying she barely knows the him.

Still, the English actor was left blushing over the incident.

 “I wouldn’t be that cheesy if I was to go on a date with her,” Pattinson told the British magazine Heat.

“Because I read this magazine thing that said, ‘He was rubbing her back, they were drinking Merlot…He was reading her poetry.’ I was so embarrassed, like, ‘Oh God!’”

Despite the hokey nature of the fake date, Pattinson’s friends were impressed with their actor pal’s game.

“I kept getting all these texts from my mates in England saying, ‘Whoa, are you going out with Megan Fox?’” Pattinson said.

“And I’d met her once, for like two seconds.”