Robert Pattinson and "Twilight" fans have made Cullen the fastest growing name in the annual baby names list.

Cullen rocketed from 782 to 485 in the list released Friday by the Social Security Administration.

Cullen of course is the name of Robert Pattinson's vampire character Edward Cullen.

And the "Twilight" effect spilled over to girls' names where Isabella - the character played by Pattinson's real-life love Kristen Stewart - was number one.

Topping the boys' list was Jacob but both Jacob and Isabella have been popular for years while Cullen is a relative newcomer.

The English newspaper, The Guardian, snootily sniffed that no child was going to appreciate being named after "a weedy, obsessive vampire."

Somehow I think Pattinson's legions of fans will take offense at that description.

What's in a name? Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson help make Bella and Cullen two of the hottest names around