Alright I've had enough of everyone taking the p*** out of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

These guys escape nothing.

On Saturday night SNL created the stupidest spoof based around the two young love-birds.

I was going to turn my television off but for the sake of this job I felt it was my duty to watch on.

Adam Sandler (who was not funny in this spoof by the way) acted as an interviewer who's job was to make fun of the "Twilight" couple.

He began by mocking how KStew needed to teach RPatz how to dress more appropriately! Still not funny.

Sandler then purposely kept mixing up the names of the "Twilight" movies causing hysterics in the audience but not at home!

And of course the spoof had to have a play off their dating life. Sandler (the interviewer) refers to RPatz as KStew's boyfriend and Kristen immediately jumps to the defense saying they are not dating.

And the punch line is??? We're still not sure!

Not funny SNL.