Video / The divas from Dublin / Click here

Tone deaf, style challenged, and just utterly beyond words, Irish pop act John and Edward Grimes are the terrible twins of “The X-Factor,” Britain’s answer to “American Idol.”

This week they scaled new heights - or plumbed new depths - in the art of performance, depending on your point of view.

The big haired twins, known to some as The Divas of Dublin, have been startling U.K. audiences since their first appearance, but this week presenter Simon Cowell called their version of Britney Spears “Oops! I Did It Again” the worst piece of you-know-what he's ever seen.

Watch their performance here, and judge for yourself.

The Irish “Brothers Grim” are so hated in Britain that went English megastar Robbie Williams sent out support to the duo during his first full concert in three years on Tuesday night, his loyal fans booed him.

Williams shocked the crowd by saying he hoped the Grimes twins would win “The X Factor.”

“Go for the twins,” he shouted. His request was met with the deafening sound of “boos.”

Still, the pop star insisted: “John and Edward all the way.”