The notion that R Patz, Susan Boyle and Lady Gaga are all more influential than Barack Obama is a complete nonsense.

I don't know what the folk over at Time Magazine have been smoking lately, but rating the three entertainers ahead of the most powerful man in the world is a silly mistake.

They do it in their latest issue of the most influential people on earth.

At this rate Amy might make the list herself as an influential gossip maven!

R Patz, Susie and Gaga are wonderful in their own right, but they don't exactly influence our future here on earth now do they?

Time Magazine has somehow come up with a rationale for their most influential people, based on how well they are regarded within their own circles.

That's fine, but to then sell it as the most influential people on earth is completely stupid.

For the record, Obama is the most influential person on earth in terms of how we will all live our lives for the next few years at least.

We'll enjoy R Patz, Subo and Lady Gaga and have a good time at their movies and concerts but we do not really think the fate of the world hinges on any of their pronouncements?

So get real Time and tell it like it really is