Lead dancer Justin Boros proves size does matter when playing the 'bad guy."
When it comes to professional Irish dance shows, it's pretty unexpected to see a big, burly "bad guy" as the principal performer.

And then comes "Rhythm in the Night," shattering any preconceived notion of what an Irish dance show is all about and what a lead dancer should look like.

"Someone of my size, stature hasn’t been featured in any other show," said principle dancer Justin Boros, who describes himself as "somewhat of a body builder," weighing in at about 300 pounds.

Boros' build doesn't necessarily allow him to play the "good guy" -- he's more of a natural villain based on his appearance -- so he actually plays the "bad guy" with redeeming qualities.

"I’ve always had a vision in my head. I wanted to be this bad guy that couldn’t be duplicated," said Boros, who began Irish dancing after becoming "obsessed" with "Lord of the Dance," particularly one number -- "Warriors" -- performed by the villainous male character.

Boros was so intrigued by LOTD that he taught himself all of the show's choreography -- never having attended a dance class in his life -- at the age of 16, and then found a local dance school where he studied for a few months. By 17, Boros had auditioned for LOTD and was accepted into troupe two of the show.

But unlike LOTD where the tough look is achieved through extra-macho costuming, Boros wanted to become the real thing.

"I thought in the back of my head it’d be really cool if there was a big bad guy, like a Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in the main role," he said.

So he took to the gym, bulked up and achieved the dominant, muscular physique he'd envisioned.

Like his size, "Rhythm of the Night" is full of unexpected twists, explained Boros, who is also the show's creator and director.

"The bad guy is actually the good guy, and he's going to be rescued from this evil seductress of the show," Boros said. "Our goal is to provide a good show that’s different."

The show, Boros said, is for the whole family. With music composed by Andrew and Jared DePolo, some of the world's best Irish dancers in the cast and an unlikely plot filled with drama, Boros promises the "most exciting Irish dance spectacular ever to be experienced."

In the coming weeks, Boros will announce tour dates for Rhythm of the Night. Anyone interested in booking the show can also contact him through the show's official website.