So Regis Philbin announced on Friday that Susan Boyle would be on his show, setting off a chain reaction among Susan fans who eagerly tuned in.

Turned out Regis was kidding. He dressed as Susan as part of a Halloween skit. In that silly attire he interviewed the real Donald Trump, the biggest fake celebrity in America in my opinion.

Some Susan fans were not amused and wrote to the show saying they would not watch any more. Others thought it was in good fun.

I haven't seen the piece, but Regis wouldn't be my favorite anyway. He's a typical day time host, bland, non controversial, wants to drop names as much as he can.

I actually met him a few weeks back at a Notre Dame football game. He was with New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly who is a friend. He's quite small in person but was rather approachable and friendly.

I'm sure he would not do any harm to Susan for one reason: he'd kill to have her on his show.

After all, when Susan does the “Today” show she will likely be free right after next November 23rd. Regis would love to grab her and have her on air I'm sure.

Speaking of Susan on television, there is a report on “Access Hollywood” that she may show up in Pennsylvania for the QVC album launch gig.

When you research it though it is based on an OK! magazine story in Britain which says nothing of the sort.

Confused? Yes, so am I.