No matter how proud you are to be Irish, there are certain downsides. When does the Irish luck run out:

1. When you meet someone who thinks that being Irish means you are either:

A) a very heavy drinker

or B) a very angry fighter

2. Centuries of oppression from England

3. It rains 250/365 days on the West Coast of Ireland

4. When you meet someone who thinks you would actually say "Top o’ the mornin' to ya"

5. When you meet someone who thinks you or one of your relatives is secretly a leprechaun ...

6. When Americans assume if you’re from a particular area/city in Ireland you know every other citizen by name and will be able to pass on a message.

7. When someone asks if you can ‘River Dance’


8. When you realize there will only ever be three seasons of Moone Boy

9. Because Irish giants no longer exist.

10. The band that was formerly known as One Direction


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* Originally published in 2013.

You think you have it bad! Here's some reasons the Irish aren't so lucky.Thinkstock