Top TV chef Gordon Ramsay wants to lend his expertise and know-how to an Irish or Irish-American restaurant or bar in the U.S. that is feeling the pinch during this slumping economy.

British star Ramsay, acclaimed culinary expert and award winning restaurateur, is the star of Fox TV's reality show "Kitchen Nightmares."

Ramsay is hoping to work with down on their luck Irish owned establishments and their staff to revamp their business and help them survive this turbulent economic time.

The budding football player for Glasgow Rangers (before his career was ruined by an injury) will offer himself to a restaurant for one week. In that time, Ramsay, as he has done in the past two seasons of "Kitchen Nightmares," will turn the business into an overnight success.

The show, which was originally created in England for Channel 4, first aired in the U.S. in 2007 and was a hit from the start with audiences.

Ramsay, who began his career on American television with his vivacious show "Hell's Kitchen," quickly became known as the head chef from hell with his explosive personality, fiery temper and colorful language.

Scottish by birth but brought up in England, Ramsay has brought numerous restaurants to the Michelin stars level, Europe's highest and most coveted restaurant accolade.

In the first "Kitchen Nightmares" season, Ramsay successfully turned around Irish bar and restaurant Finn McCool's in Westhampton Beach, Long Island.

Proprietor of Finn McCool's Buddy Walsh told theIrish Voice that it was the best decision he ever made applying to be on the show. "Business is fantastic now, just fantastic since the show," admitted Walsh.

In the weeks following Ramsay's presence, and before the show was aired on Fox, Walsh said business rapidly rose by 35 percent. Now, he said, a year and a half later business is still doing great.

"The day after the show aired we received 3,600 emails from people all over the country," said Walsh proudly. "And I also got four marriage proposals," he laughed.

Walsh said Ramsay taught him a lot, and described working with the hot-headed chef as "a pleasure to learn from a man his caliber."

Walsh advises Irish businesses to give Ramsay a chance if their business is suffering.

"It's worth it without a doubt," he said. "Do the thing the way you do it. Let him come in with his knowledge and you'll receive some great advice."

Being on "Kitchen Nightmares," which airs all over the world, Walsh said was a "great experience. It was a plus-plus for us for sure."

Ramsay is looking for all kinds of situations, from first time restaurant owners who have put all their life savings on the line to set up their dream restaurant, to well-established restaurants where food costs, liquor costs and staffing expenses are too high to survive.

"Ramsay's experience and hard edge will solve any problems, from poor communication skills in the restaurant to different visions between chef's, staff and owners" said casting director for the show Lisa Ganz.

Those who feel their establishment could benefit from Ramsay's professional advice can contact "Kitchen Nightmares" casting agents on [email protected] or call 917-678-9996.