Tom Meighan, the lead singer of British rock band Kasabian, has said that shows like “Britain’s Got Talent” ruins lives – and that includes Susan Boyle’s.

The rocker, who’s known for his frequent controversial statements to the media, said that talent competition shows “The X Factor” and “Britain’s Got Talent” are destroying people’s lives by raising contestants’ hopes of become stars and then abandoning them.

Meighan says he feels particulary sorry for “BGT” runner-up Susan Boyle, who was admitted to London’s Priory Clinic for mental exhaustion right after the show’s finale. The singer says instant fame is too much for the 48-year-old Scot to handle.

"Poor Susan Boyle, it's unbelievable what's happening. I just can't get my head around it. It's wrong," he told Britain’s Telegraph.

The member of Kasabian, one of the bands to perform in celebration of Guinness’ 250th anniversary on Thursday, also called the show “The X Factor” “retarded,” and said: "I don't watch any of it. Look what they do to people, pop moguls like Simon Cowell, they take people and then destroy them.

"Not just Simon Cowell, there's loads of them out there. I just think it's a very strange show."