Pope Benedict XVI has asked Susan Boyle to sing at a special event for popular saint Padre Pio to be held in southern Italy.

Boyle has accepted the offer, noting that she has a "special devotion" to Padre Pio.

Father Gian Maria De Giorgi, a key ally of the people flew specially to Scotland last month to ask Susan if she would perform.

He brought with him a special set of rosary beads, which included a piece of Padre Pio’s bandage marked with blood from his stigmata.

Pio became famous for the stigmata, blood pouring from his hands and feet in similar places to where Jesus was crucified though some claimed he inflicted the wounds himself.

He was canonized eight years ago and his body was exhumed in 2008.
Maria Dorrian, the Scottish delegate for the Padre Pio Centre, told the Sunday Express, said: “Susan has inspired so many of us. I don’t think she realizes the impact she is having, not only through her music, but spiritually to people throughout the world.”

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