“Britain's Got Talent” star and Susan Boyle confidante Piers Morgan has surprised fans of the show by describing himself as “Irish” in the aftermath of the World Cup clash between France and Ireland when France won by a controversial goal.

In the process he may have offended many Irish by claiming they should know he's Irish “because of his drinking.”

The former tabloid editor has become a massive celebrity on both side of the Atlantic because of his role as a judge in “Britain's Got Talent” and his support for Susan Boyle in her early days. 

Piers Morgan says he was swamped with critical e-mail after he described himself as Irish while discussing the now infamous hand ball incident when French player Thierry Henry handled the ball inside the Irish penalty area.  

He told the Daily Mail: “My father was Vincent Eamonn O'Mara from County Offaly.

“He died when I was only one and my mother remarried (Welshman) Glynne Pughe-Morgan and I took his name. My mother (Gabrielle) was one of the Irish clan of Cantophers.

“Surely anyone aware of my drinking habits would know I'm Irish!”