Piers Morgan, the tough British judge (with Irish ancestry) on 'America's Got Talent,' is closing in on a deal to succeed Larry King at CNN.

Although he's seen as a talent show host here, Morgan has a strong track record interviewing politicians and celebrities in his native Britain.

For several weeks, CNN has denied it was talking with Morgan or even interested in him when reports first surfaced that he was the pick to succeed King. It was not long after those reports that King announced his retirement.

But Morgan will also keep doing 'America's Got Talent,' as NBC has signaled that it is willing to share him with CNN. That decision frees Morgan to negotiate directly with CNN, and according to people involved in the delicate maneuvering between the companies, a contract could be signed within a few days.

If it goes through the deal will vault Morgan to the top tier of television interviewers, alongside people like Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters and Katie Couric.