Piers Morgan has announced that he thinks the crop of talent on this year’s “America’s Got Talent”, which premieres tonight, is “the best yet”.

The harsh judge, of Irish ancestry, said “I know these things get hyped, but we've already sent home several acts that would have made the finals in past years…There's more talent and more variety, and the talent is so good.”

Piers said that he’s noticed a great improvement in the singers this year. He believes that Susan Boyle who won “Britain’s Got Talent” last year blazed a trail for people who might otherwise have been too nervous to audition.

Host, Nick Cannon, felt that they saw more dangerous acts in the auditions this year. He said “Someone put a drill down their throat. Someone was chopping wood. People who do things and have the audacity to think this is worth $1 million.”

This is, judge, Howie Mendel’s first year on the show. He said “There was a girl chewing on a light bulb, her smile darkened by blood. It didn't look real at first. I thought this must be an act. But then she was on her way to the hospital.”

He said another act to watch out for is a man how puts firecrackers down his pants.

"I love great talent, but I love bad talent, too," said Howie. "I've been onstage for 32 years. I think I can identify the 'it' factor, the wow factor.

"I had two missions: One, to find the next great talent. The other, seeing how far I could push Piers in taste,” said Mandel.

Morgan said “Howie likes all these weird, random acts, and he conspired with Sharon to make sure they got through. But I got him. There are moments where he goes down in flames.”

Auditions took place in 12 cities including Denver, Chicago, Orlando, Los Angeles and Los Vegas. The winner will win the grand prize of $1 million.

Season five kicks off tonight on at 8pm (EDT) on NBC.