Michael Grimm, the Mississippi blues singer, who won the $1 million prize on "America's Got Talent" has been dubbed a young Van Morrison by judge Piers Morgan.

Morgan said that Grimm really deserved the win. He said "Michael’s genuine, he’s sincere, he’s very talented, he got better with every round, and [on Tuesday] night he gave the performance of his life. He’ll have a huge career. I think he’s like a young Van Morrison.”

Grimm won the top spot against Jackie Evancho, who was tipped to win. The 10-year-old phenomenon with a prematurely mature opera-style singing voice came in second.

The judge, Morgan, believes that Evancho will enjoy the same kind of success as Susan Boyle who also came in second place in "Britain's Got Talent". He said "Everyone assumed Susan was going to win [Britain’s Got Talent] and she finished second…Now she’s sold millions of albums. Jackie’s going to have a superstar’s career.”

Speaking after his big win Grimm said "I really thought Jackie had it in the bag…I was preparing my speech to leave. I couldn’t believe I heard my name. I was trying to make sure that what I thought was going on was going on, you know? This is definitely an out-of-body experience. This whole journey has been, but especially now.”

Grimm captured the hearts of America with his hard-luck story. The struggling 30-year-old singer was raised by his grandparents who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. His aim all along was to win the talent contest so that he could buy them a house.

He said "My grandparents don’t have to worry about anything anymore…I can’t put into words what that means to me. They’ve supported me in the music through the years, and they’ve seen me fall and get back up and keep going. Now I can take care of them.”