Fans of Pierce Brosnan and horror novelist Stephen King can tune into the A&E network on Sunday, December 11 to watch the screen adaptation of King’s Bag of Bones.

It’s been quite some time since Brosnan has starred in a project specially made for television – his popular Remington Steele series is the last show we can think of. But he’s back to star in the four-hour TV version of King’s best-selling novel, playing the main character, writer and recent widower Mike Noonan. Something very strange is going on at Mike’s summer home in Maine, and his beloved wife is apparently haunting it.

The movie will air over two nights, Sunday and Monday, for four hours in total. Brosnan says he’s lucky he got through the shoot, considering that horror flicks “scare the bejesus” out of him.

“Part of me kept thinking the same thing -- just leave the f**king house!” he says of his character’s devotion to the spread in Maine he shared with his wife.


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“However, the quest for my character was to find out what was going on. It was balls to the wall, for character and for actor.”

Brosnan recalls the classic seventies horror film, Carrie, and the effect it had on him.

“I remember going home to my little apartment in North London mildly freaked. Part of the issue was (the film’s star) Sissy Spacek. She was beautiful and I fell in love with her,” he said.
Brosnan, a fine 58, says he’ll be fully buttoned up during Bag of Bones, disappointing his legions of female fans for sure.

“Within the context of this piece, I thought it was unnecessary to go around without my shirt,” he said.

“I thought, there’s Stephen King, and then there’s running around without my shirt. They are two separate worlds.”

Meanwhile, as production gears up on the next James Bond movie, Skyfall, with Daniel Craig as 007, a perch Bond occupied for four of the films, his former co-star Judi Dench gave him a nice shout-out.

"Daniel’s an incredible talent and I love working with him but I still miss Pierce," Dench recently said.

"He was a very warm man and always a lot of fun, always laughing and joking. Pierce was great to have around the set. We became close friends.  I did four Bonds with him so I missed him after he finished with the role."

Here, watch the preview for Brosnan's upcoming 'Bag of Bones':