Pierce Brosnan just wrapped filming for “Remember Me” with Robert Pattinson, but it looks like the Irish actor won’t be taking a break from the movie set anytime soon.

Brosnan signed on for the starring role in “The Hunter,” a film written and directed by fellow actor Stanley Tucci and produced by Brosnan’s company Irish DreamTime.

In this “coming-of-age” story set in New York’s wealthy Westchester County, the Irish James Bond will play a middle-aged man who desperately clings to his once-charmed life as it starts to slip away.

The comedy/drama will also star Hollywood actresses Julianne Moore and Patricia Clarkson.

Pre-production for “The Hunter” will begin in September.

Brosnan’s production company, Irish DreamTime, has previously released films “Evelyn” and “Laws of Attraction” starring both Brosnan and Moore.

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