Paris Brosnan recently took to social media to share some behind-the-scenes photos from the set of “Unholy Trinity,” which is filming in Montana and stars his dad Pierce Brosnan.

“Had a blast being a part of the @unholy_trinity_movie directed by the great @happydirector,” Brosnan, 22, said on Instagram on November 5.

“good company & good times in Montana!”

In the post, Paris shared a clip of his dad, veteran Irish actor Pierce Brosnan, getting into character.

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Pierce Brosnan, who was raised in Co Meath, joins Samuel L. Jackson and Brandon Lessard in "Unholy Trinity," the new Western adventure that’s currently filming at Yellowstone Film Ranch in Montana.

David Arquette, Ethan Peck, Katrina Bowden, and Gianni Capaldi were also recently added to the cast.

“Unholy Trinity,” Deadline says, “unfolds during the 1870s and explores themes of vengeance, concealed truths, and hidden treasures, according to its official synopsis.

“In the moments before his execution, Isaac Broadway gives his estranged son, Henry, an impossible task: murder the man who framed him for a crime he didn’t commit. 

“Intent on fulfilling his promise, Henry travels to the remote town of Trinity, where an unexpected turn of events traps him in town and leaves him caught between Gabriel Dove (Brosnan), the town’s upstanding new sheriff, and a mysterious figure, cryptically named St. Christopher (Jackson).”

It's no surprise that Paris Brosnan tagged along on set given the close relationship he has with his father.

In a Sketch Yourself interview with Golden Goose earlier this year, Paris, who graduated in May from Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film and Television, described himself as a painter, aspiring filmmaker, and creative. 

"I've been surrounded by art my entire life," Paris said, "whether it be watching my dad paint, painting with my brother, going to museums, looking through art books - I've always been drawn toward art in a way that you can be vulnerable with your emotions and communicate things that you can't necessarily with words."

He added: "My biggest source of inspiration, I would have to say, is my dad because I grew up watching him paint. 

"I saw how he would lock in in the studio for hours and just get lost in there."

More recently, Pierce and Paris teamed up for Italian fashion label Paul & Shark's fall/winter 2023 campaign. 

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