, a community for divorced women, has named the world’s best celebrity stepfathers, and none other than Irishman Pierce Brosnan tops the list.

Divorce expert Jill Brooke dishes on who she thinks wins in the categories of best and worst stepfathers, and the Irish actor comes out head and shoulders above the rest.

Brooke provides a rundown of Brosnan’s impeccable fatherly track record, saying: “He was a loving stepfather to his wife Cassandra’s children, Charlotte and Christopher. They also had a son together. When Cassandra died of ovarian cancer, Brosnan took the children as his own. Subsequently he has remarried and has two more sons, Paris and Dylan.”

Also on the “good” stepfather list is Paul McCartney, who adopted his first wife Linda’s daughter Heather, and Robert Wagner, who raised Natalie Wood’s daughter Natasha after Wood died.

As for the bad, thankfully no Irishmen made the list. The Web site rags on Burt Reynolds, who “wouldn’t do anything” for Sally Fields’ boys while they lived together, and Woody Allen, who married the daughter of his partner Mia Farrow – ‘nuff said there.