Irish actor Pierce Brosnan said that the #MeToo movement will most likely not be referenced in James Bond. 

The infamous 'Casanova' James Bond, known for his womanizing ways, will probably not be affected by the #MeToo movement. That's according to Pierce Brosnan, the Irish star who played the spy in four films.

The 65-year-old actor said that he did not think the current political climate in the movie industry will put an end to 007 and his reputation as a Lothario. 

"Well, I have no idea if the new films are going to address these social issues," the dad-of-five said.

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"I think Bond will continue in the same vein. I would suspect so, because men will continue to be men and women likewise. One hopes there will be more respect between the genders. You hope that good things will come out of this #MeToo movement," he added.

Meanwhile, Brosnan is currently lighting up screens in the Mamma Mia sequel.

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According to producers, the Navan-born man worked with a vocal coach in the lead-up to filming. Brosnan has since been praised by ABBA stars Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus.

"He has a good voice, I like this voice,” Andersson said.

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"He didn’t sing much in the first movie either. But he sang the same song. It’s pretty clever," Ulvaeus added.

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"Just a snippet of S.O.S. and I think that little scene is beautiful. It conveys the pain he’s going through." Andersson concluded.