Pierce Brosnan, the iconic Irish actor, producer, and environmentalist, has captured the hearts of many with his talent and charm. But his success did not come easy. Brosnan's early life in Navan, County Meath, Ireland, was shaped by his upbringing and his relationship with his mother, Mary May Smith, who is now 89 years old.

Pierce Brosnan was born on May 16, 1953, in Navan. He was the only child of Thomas Brosnan and Mary May Smith. His father left the family when he was just a baby, and his mother raised him on her own while working as a nurse. Brosnan has always been vocal about his admiration for his mother and the profound impact she had on his life.

Growing up in Navan, Brosnan had a typical Irish childhood. He attended school and spent most of his time playing with friends. But his mother played an essential role in his life, shaping his character and nurturing his talent. May was a creative person who loved painting and singing, and her artistic genes were passed down to Brosnan, who inherited her love for storytelling.

Brosnan's mother was his biggest inspiration and support throughout his life. In an interview with The Independent, Brosnan described his mother as "a woman of great spirit, great compassion, and great love." He said that his mother taught him the importance of empathy, kindness, and humility, values that he has carried with him throughout his career.

Today, Brosnan's mother is 89 years old, and their bond remains as strong as ever. In an interview with Irish Independent, Brosnan spoke about his relationship with his mother and how much she means to him. He said, "She's a great lady, and she's always been there for me. She's my mother, and I love her dearly."

Brosnan has also been very open about his mother's battle with ovarian cancer. May was diagnosed with the disease when Brosnan was just a teenager, and she has since survived two bouts with cancer. In an interview with The Guardian, Brosnan talked about his mother's resilience and strength, saying, "She's an amazing woman, and she's taught me a lot about life and how to deal with adversity."