Strolling through Los Angeles on Wednesday, Peaches Geldof, daughter of Irish humanitarian Bob Geldof, told the world that she supports gay marriage.

Peaches donned a t-shirt with the script "Legalize Gay" emblazoned across her chest.

Underneath the t-shirt had the words "Repeal Prom 8 Now."

She was referring to the California Marriage Protection Act that was passed in November 2008 banning gay marriage in the state of California.

Geldof, who was make-up free and scraggly haired, was pictured in Los Angeles, where she is currently living to be closer to her 38-year-old director boyfriend, Eli Roth.

Young Geldof is supposedly settling in quite well.

Peaches joins other vocal stars in their opinions about legalizing gay marriage. Other celebs include Christina Agullera, Steven Spielberg, Ricki Lake, Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson and Kelly Osbourne.

Roth has been accused of homophobia in the past, following the release of his slash horror movie, "Hostel," which he peppered with gay slurs.

He defended himself, explaining: "It's like when I use the word 'fag' in a film and people say I'm homophobic, which is ridiculous.

"That's the way people talk. I make a very conscious effort with my films not to be politically correct."