Oprah Winfrey had great difficulty understanding Susan Boyle's Scottish accent, she revealed after the taping of the show due to be shown this week. She joked about it with the audience when the taping was over.

Boyle has a strong Scottish accent, but she has had no problem being understood by other interviewers in the past, having already sat down with Meredith Vieira on the 'Today' Show.

Some Susan Boyle fans in the audience were also surprised by how Oprah did not seem to have done her homework on the Scottish star.

Oprah asked Susan about her Priory stay - the hospital facility in Britain she went to in June 2009  after she had a breakdown -  as if it had just happened.  It seemed clear that media magnate had some difficulty understanding the Scottish songstress.

The majority of fans in the audience were there for Adam Lambert, the American Idol runner-up, but Subo fans say but they gave Boyle a rousing reception when she sang for them.

It was Boyle's second appearance on the show, but the first time live and in person.