Yes they are dating!

Its official, or as official as anything can be in this crazy world.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have admitted to Oprah that they are dating.

Not on air mind but off air according to several sources.

R Patz and his lady are due to appear on the show on May 13 but before they went on the issue came up in the pre-interview.

The couple then readily admitted its more than a screen romance.

Should we be surprised?

Not really, this is the worst kept secret since - well Oprah's own sexual preferences as revealed in the new Kitty Kelly book.

Oprah promised she would not spill the beans on air but she wanted the truth off air. And it seems she's got it.

And Quelle Surprise! -- it has already leaked that they two young folk are lovers.

"They told her [off camera] what was really going on," E! Online reports.