Niall Horan is easily the most popular boyband star in Ireland, but he still has some catching up to do to make him the most popular internationally.

The One Direction member has now reached 13 million Twitter followers, making him the second most popular member of the band, just behind Harry Styles.

The Mullingar native was ecstatic to have passed this newest milestone in his pop culture career. "Wow! 13 million followers!" the teen icon tweeted. "You guys are amazing! Welcome to my world anyone who has just joined us here!! It can be quite random at times."

Niall maintains an active Twitter presence and is leagues ahead of his other bandmates with the exception of Harry, who holds the lead with a staggering 14,824,799 followers.

For some perspective on these numbers, the total population of Ireland is 4.576 million as of 2011. This means that even if every citizen of the island nation were to have two Twitter accounts, Niall's follower count would still trump them.

Next in line behind Niall is Liam Payne at 11,889,846, followed by Louis Tomlinson with 11,867,213, with Zayn Malik last in the running with just 9,745,922 followers.

Individually, however, they all fall far short of another teenage pop star and de facto king of Twitter Justin Bieber. Cumulatively, though, their numbers (61 million without counting repeat followers) beat Bieber out by close to 20 million.

On the list of the top 100 most followed Twitter accounts, Harry falls at 27, Niall at 31, Liam at 40, Louis at 41, and Zayn at 57. Simon Cowell, the man responsible for bringing the band to the world's stage, falls to 88.