One Direction are the latest pop stars to feature in a Pepsi ad.

The boys compete with New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Bees for a can of Pepsi. With Harry Styles leading One Direction, the band and Bees squibble back and forth over who is more deserving and should get the Pespi. The “Live While We’re Young” hitmakers argue they should get it because of their worldwide success and Bees counters that he won the Superbowl.

A group of teenage fangirls crowd around One Direction and a group of sports fans support the NFL star. One Direction pulls out a copy of  their cover on Billboard Magazine and Louis Tomlinson holds up the band’s Platinum Record. Bees shows off a sports trophy he’s won.

To resolve the dispute Bees makes a proposition so they can all share the Pepsi. He becomes an honoree member of One Direction and they all take to the stage to sing One Direction’s newest hit single “Live While We’re Young.” You can hear Bees sing in the commercial.

The advertisement ends with Pepsi’s new slogan, “Live for Now” reminiscent of One Direction’s hit song.

Pepsi has long featured some of the biggest celebrities in its commercials. Past advertisements have featured Beyonce and Britney Spears, who both did Pepsi commercials at the height of their careers. David Beckham and Elton have also done advertisements for the American soda. Now that One Direction have joined their ranks, the British boy band has clearly made it on the other side of the pond.

Watch the new Pepsi ad below:

Screen shot from new Pepsi ad featuring One directionYou Tube