Irish actors Liam Neeson and Olivia Wilde are set to meet up between the sheets as a pair of working writers in  Paul Haggis' new film Third Person.

Liam Neeson will play a journalist and Wilde will play a New York gossip columnist.

Haggis, who wrote The Quantum of Solace script for daniel Craig's second outing as secret agent James Bond, says the film will be set in New York, Paris and Rome and have three interconnected story lines.

'It's about three story lines, three love stories, three relationships in three different cities that combine in a very odd way: New York, Paris, Rome,' Haggis told

'And so I wanted one of them to have a job in New York. So after writing the script, I thought, 'Oh, party reporting, that would be great.' I go to parties to go to parties! It's not for research. I just wanted to go to some premieres.'

Neeson recently told the press he admired the script: 'It's a really interesting part and I get to go to bed with Olivia Wilde! It's a small film. It's a really interesting script. It's a love story between different couples. I play a writer - or at least, I think so at the minute.'

'It's about a writer trying to get over a tragic death that he emotionally tries to access through the characters he writes about. He imagines their reactions to this tragic death of a kid drowning in a swimming pool.'

It's a change of pace from Neeson's increasing turns as an action hero. For that reason alone it should be worth the ticket.


Olivia Wilde and Liam NeesonGoogle Images