Olivia Wilde loves wearing dresses by Alexander McQueen. The 'House' actress' favorite thing about going to showbiz parties is being able to borrow designer gowns from the British style guru.

She said: "I just really like Alexander McQueen. Every designer has samples, and then for this fun stuff, we get to borrow things and I just have certain designers that I like to borrow from."

The 25-year-old beauty thinks fame is as eventful as a "circus" and so takes a light-hearted approach to her celebrity lifestyle and instead tries to enjoy it.

She told People magazine: "It's a circus and you might as well have fun, and so I definitely have kind of decided to rather than kind of resent this whole part of the business because I feel somewhat over it, bored by it, jaded; rather than going in that direction I've just decided to have fun with it and just-I don't know-create something interesting out of it.

"It changes the way that you move through the airport, let's say, or changes the way that you view your privacy but the positive effects are it gives you more creative control and gives you access to things that you didn't have access to before. So that's really great."

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