Excitement is building for Ireland’s national broadcaster RTE’s biggest television event of the year, “The Late Late Toy Show.” With over 1.5 million viewers expected to watch the show, RTÉ has also revealed that “The Late Late Toy Show” will be available to watch worldwide for free, live and on-demand on RTÉ Player, across desktop, iOS and Android apps.

The Irish are wild about “The Late Late Toy Show” in fact so much so that many families have a tradition of watching the show together and even buy in special snacks and wear their best snuggly pajamas. It’s a sure sign that the Irish are getting cozy and preparing themselves for Christmas.

Ryan Tubridy, the host of the beloved Christmas show said "One of the great things about “The Late Late Toy Show” is that it's the one night when we can collectively forget all the doom and gloom in what has been a very weird year. The fact that it is available to watch free across the world means that Irish emigrants get a chance to connect with their home in a way that is absolutely unique to us as a people. Nobody else would understand what this bonkers show is about!"

The show will air on RTÉ One and RTÉ Player this Friday (Dec 2) from 9:35pm (WET, UTC±00:00)

While people at home and abroad are getting set for the biggest dose of Christmas cheer, that is “The Late Late Toy Show”, RTÉ Player today launched the ultimate Late Late Toy Show collection, celebrating the big Late Late Show TV gold moments through the years. Watch it here.

From the big showstopper opening numbers, to the many famous faces who came to visit to the pint-sized toy experts and unbelievably talented kids that capture the nation’s heart each year, RTÉ Player has gathered some of the most memorable “Late Late Toy Show” nostalgia moments for viewers to enjoy in the build up to the main event. Who could forget the adorable horologist John Joe from 2009

Famous Faces

Toy Show famous faces including Ed Sheeran, Anne Doyle, Senator David Norris, Robbie Keane, Zig & Zag, Dustin and Bosco, many famous faces have popped up on “The Late Late Toy Show.” Here RTÉ Player has created a roundup of some memorable moments.

Toy Show Heroes

The kids are the true heroes of “The Late Late Toy Show” and here RTÉ Player celebrates some of the stand out moments, from cheeky chappie Fergal, Ryan’s co-host in 2013 to horologist John Joe from 2009, to the style savvy Douglas in 2010 and 2009’s ‘Junior Culchie of’ the Year, Mark from Cavan.

Toy Show Stars

From classical music protégé’s, budding country music stars to that famous performance of ‘The Cup Song’, prepare to be astounded by an abundance of tremendous talent.

Toy Show Show-stopping Openers

From Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, watch Ryan give it socks all over again.

Toy Show Talkback

Ever wondered what those lucky toy testers thought of their appearance on The Late Late Toy Show. RTÉ Player has gone all “Gogglebox” with Toyshow Talkback, inviting past toy show testers and performers to take a look back at themselves all those years ago.  The result?  Some hilarious commentary!

“The Late Late Toy Show” collection is available now on RTÉ Player and viewers around the world can watch “The Late Late Toy Show” for free live and on demand on RTÉ Player, across Desktop, iOS and Android.