Christine Quinn, 46 and New York City mayoral hopeful, is set to wed her partner of 11 years lawyer Kim Catullo, 45, in Manhattan next month. Quinn was a longtime champion of gay rights in the state of New York, and helped pave the way the legalization of same-sex marriage in the state last July.

The New York Times reports that Quinn and partner Kim Catullo will host 300 guests, including prominent politicians Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo, at their wedding on May 19th.

Quinn played an important role in the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York, often using hers and partner Kim Catullo’s relationship as an example. The New York Times paraphrases Quinn to say that she was dedicated to marrying Catullo while both their fathers will still alive to see them do so.

After a long battle, Quinn’s wish will come true.

The couple has chosen the trendy Meatpacking District in Manhattan as their locale for the ceremony and celebrations. Former chief judge Judith Kaye will preside over their union.

Quinn currently serves as the head of the New York City Council, the first openly gay woman to do so. She is expected to run next year for mayor of the city, and if she is successful in her run, she will not only become the first  woman to lead New York City, but also the first openly gay person to serve.

However, despite her political ambitions, Quinn insists that hers and Catullo’s upcoming nuptials are personal and not politically motivated. “There’s really not a political implication to this for me as it relates to electoral politics. We’re trying to make it really a day, a night that’s about friends and family and us,” said Quinn.

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