Quick, find the ear plugs. Eminem may find less than a hundred thousand welcomes in Bangor, Northern Ireland.

The sleepy seaside town is playing host to the 75th convention of Bangor’s Missionary Convention, including a prayer service, on the same day the shock rapper brings his show to the nearby Ward Park on August 24.

This unsavory coincidence doesn't sit well wit the prayerful folk at the Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church.

In fact one local Bangor man is so insuperably opposed to the Eminem show that he plans to lobby the North Down Borough Council with a call for it to be cancelled.

Brian Ashworth, 47, says he is speaking for scores of people in the town who are are concerned the rapper's explicit lyrics will be audible beyond the park venue, particularly to those taking part in prayer.

Ashworth told the Belfast Telegraph: 'I have no issue with a family-friendly concert in a park but this is a performer who uses the crudest language — language that degrades women and has the foulest, most twisted content.'

'I have been doing a survey to determine how far the lyrics will be heard and local residents tell me that they heard previous concerts at the park. The council should never have allowed this.'


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Ashworth may have a job to convince the local council to grant his wish. An estimated 55,000 tickets have already been sold for the two-day music festival, with tickets sold-out for the second day, headlined by Eminem.

'This is a Slane Castle-style event but that is held in a 1,500-acre estate — this is taking place in a town centre park,” he said. “The main motivation for this event is to make money, and while it is important to stimulate the economy, it shouldn’t involve breaching decency,' Ashworth added.

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