Tragic Boyzone singer Stephen Gately's $10M fortune is still up for grabs, as his will has not been found.

Almost two months after he died, the will has not turned up — meaning the singer, 33, could be declared intestate, and a legal battle could begin between his husband Andrew Cowles and his family.

 Under British law, same-sex partnerships are recognized, unlike in Ireland.

"In this case, if Gately's will isn't found and he is declared intestate, then his civil partner will inherit all the personal property and belongings as well as the first £200,000 of the estate and one-half of the remainder," a legal expert told the Evening Herald newspaper.

For someone to be declared intestate, a huge effort has to be made to find a will. The family believes he made one in London in 2003 or thereabouts.

"What usually happens is, an advertisement is placed in legal magazines to see if anyone knows the whereabouts of the will.

“That would be fairly standard and if that attempt is unsuccessful, then an application could be lodged for intestacy and their assets would be consolidated,” the legal expert stated.
His partner, Andrew, an Internet tycoon, has stated that he doesn't want any of the cash and wants it to go to good causes.  

He has reportedly said,  "I don't want a penny. I was never with Stephen for his money and don't need it now. I want his family and his favorite charities to get the cash."  

However, the singer's parents, his sister Michelle and brothers Mark, Alan and Tony may well end up in a legal battle with Cowles if a will does not appear.

The Boyzone singer died from an acute pulmonary edema after a night out drinking with Andrew and a friend.