The next "Sex and the City" movie is due out in the US in May. But female fans who thought they’d get a double dose of their favorite medicine, with a third "Sex and the City" film coming out right afterward, had their hopes dashed this week.

Word on the street was that New Line Cinema was pushing through production of SATC II and III at the same time, so that in the third film the stars, who are now in their forties, could look “as young as possible.”

The story went that the company was filming SATC parts II and III back to back, to ensure Sarah Jessica Parker and her three pals would not have lost their youthful charms by the time the third film came out.

But New Line Cinema has denied the rumors. “This is not true,” a representative for the studio stated.

Sit back in your seats, girls. At least SATC II will be out soon.


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