Nicollette Sheridan was rushed to hospital after a horse riding accident. The 'Desperate Housewives' actress reportedly needed emergency medical treatment for a head wound after she was "bucked off" her horse while not wearing a riding helmet.

According to National Enquirer writer Mike Walker: "Nicolette galloped bareback near her San Fernando Valley estate in pouring rain - and suddenly got bucked off by her not-so-gallant steed, slamming head-first into the top rail of a fence. Instantly knocked silly because she wasn't wearing a riding helmet... and barely able to move as she lay in thick mud about 100 feet from her stable."

However, the 46-year-old star was soon found by her boyfriend, businessman Steve Pate - who rushed her to their nearest medical center.

The magazine added added: "Steve was shocked to discover Nicollette bleeding from a nasty head wound. Picking her up, he ran to his car and rushed her to hospital. After tests for possible internal injuries, docs stapled up the gash and sent Nicolette home."