Niall Horan voiced a sleep narration in 2021 as part of a mental wellness initiative in partnership with Irish athleisure and lifestyle brand Gym+Coffee.

Horan, an ambassador and investor in the Gym+Coffee brand, narrates a story entitled "Following the River Thames," written by extreme sleeping outdoors adventurer and expert storyteller Phoebe Smith.

In the recording, the 29-year-old Mullingar native lends his dulcet Irish tones to help lull listeners into a deep and restful sleep.

Horan's 18-minute meditative sleep story is now available here and on the Gym+Coffee website.

The special mindfulness audio is part of the brand's commitment to Make Life Richer and prioritize mental and physical well-being for the community.

Gym+Coffee, co-founder, Diarmuid McSweeney said: “We are committed to Make Life Richer for our community and we hope to help more find balance and greater well-being.. we want to bring greater awareness that everyone has an opportunity to sleep, exercise, and improve their mental health without limits.”

According to the company, a recent study showed that currently 1 in 3 Brits suffer from poor sleep, with stress, computers, and working from home often blamed.

Unfortunately, consistently struggling to sleep and interrupted dreaming can cause serious medical conditions, like clinical depression, anxiety disorders, and shorter life expectancy.

Horan said: “With many struggling to sleep during these crazy times of the past 18 months, I was keen to get involved in Gym+Coffee’s initiative and help in any way possible. It’s really amazing to watch how mental health awareness is growing and we can clearly see a path for change.”

The former One Direction singer follows in the footsteps of his ex-bandmate Harry Styles, who previously recorded a story for the sleep app Calm.

*Originally published in October 2021. Updated in January 2024.