A documentary series, now available on RTÉ Player International, explores Ireland’s foremost obsession – the weather.

RTÉ’s John Creedon explores Irish weather in his three-part series “Creedon’s Weather: Four Seasons in One Day.”

As Irish people it’s fair to say we’re obsessed with weather. We love to talk about it, moan about it and celebrate it. As an Island, we get our fair share of weather, from winter storms, flooding, coastal erosion to the most beautiful summer’s day where no-where in the world can compare to the beauty of this nation.

John’s journey investigates stories from history, science, folklore, archaeology and modern life on how the weather has shaped our landscape and our nation.

Every day our lives are affected by the weather and yet we seem surprised so often that it rains and get caught without an umbrella or a rain jacket. What causes our weather to be the way it is? How has it shaped us? How do we deal with it in our daily lives?

John travels to Florida where the Gulf stream originates and is key to making our waters warmer than they would otherwise be, to Rossbeigh in County Kerry, the European Space Agency in Rome, and of course Met Eireann without which no look at Irish weather would be complete.

The three part series is available now (free) on www.rte.ie/playerinternational.